Am I eligible to receive Financial Aid?

Yes! Students who take Lee University classes are eligible to apply for Federal Aid and Loans. The amount and stipulations of grants and loans are determined on an individual basis in correspondence with Federal Financial Aid requirements. In order to be eligible, the student must first complete a current FAFSA.

What if my grants and loans do not cover the full cost of LEAD INstitute tuition?

Although grants and loans take care of a large portion of tuition, students may still have a remaining balance. Do not be in despair! There are several ways in which students can cover LEAD INstitute tuition. Some possibilities may include fundraising efforts, savings from a summer job, asking your local church for a one-time gift and/or monthly support, graduation money, private loans, support from friends and family, and applying for local and national scholarships.

What if I already have college credits before coming to LEAD INstitute?

Some students attend LEAD INstitute with college credits already acquired. Typically, all previously taken general education classes transfer without difficulty into the Lee University DAL degree paths. An official college transcript from any previous colleges or universities will be required during the application process in order to transfer any existing credits.

Are my Lee University credits transferable?

Lee University is fully accredited under the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Whether credits are transferable is ultimately dependent on the school of intended transfer. Most, if not all, general education credits can be expected to transfer with ease.

Can I be married and attend LEAD INstitute?

Yes, LEAD INstitute: Georgia is a location that will consider all applications for couples and/or married students that have the support of their spouse.

Is there an age requirement for acceptance into LEAD INstitute?

Typically our students range in age from high school graduates to age 25.

Can I have a job while attending LEAD INstitute?

Students attending LEAD INstitute in their first year are not permitted to hold a job due to the traveling schedule and daily commitments to discipleship, leadership training, and class time.

What things should I expect to pay for outside of tuition costs while at LEAD INstitute?

Tuition covers housing, some meals, traveling, transportation, and administration fees. However, some expenses to expect outside of tuition include personal toiletries, leisure & entertainment, the cost of books.

Can I bring a vehicle while attending LEAD INstitute?

Students are not required to bring a vehicle but may do so if they wish. Ministry-related transportation is provided. Other transportation should take place through personal vehicles or public transportation. Drivers must be insured.

What kind of free time can I expect at LEAD INstitute?

Students are given a weekly schedule to follow that encompasses discipleship, ministry training, and class time. The schedule ends at dinnertime most evenings and students can use the time thereafter as free time to either catch up on homework, hang out with friends, go to a movie, sleep, relax, etc.

Am I required to bring my own laptop or personal computer while attending LEAD INstitute?

Students are highly encouraged to bring their own laptop for the convenience of maintaining assignments and school work.